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Blenheim, New Zealand

Pacific Islanders

Communities of the South Pacific

The communities of the South Pacific are as rich and diverse as any other area of the world.

After all the Pacific covers a massive area of over 165 million square kilometres and encompasses over 2 dozen island nations and territories which have seen human settlement for over 5,000 years.

The people of the South Pacific have endured all the hardships that you would expect of farming and fishing communities anywhere in the world with added challenges such as typhoons and severe isolation.

Now, in the 21st century, the people of the Pacific have to endure the effects of climate change and, almost importantly, neglect from the greater global community.

Wellness Pacific plans to bring opportunities and best practise farming to the island nations of the South Pacific by educating one community at a time starting in Marlborough, New Zealand.


Handing back what is rightfully theirs with knowledge and basic understandings, will empower them to succeed in horticulture, business and even their personal life.

Health & Wellbeing

Kevin's travels in the South Pacific has seen children overweight and not understanding basic nutrition such as the 5+ vegetables a day scheme which provides health benefits, helps to prevent obesity etc.
The improvements of mental health, from being in control of your own resources and providing for your family and community is the strength that can be received from becoming capable and sustainable with knowledge received from our training.     

Future Proof

This is investing in future generations as we empower communities now to learn and hand down skills and knowledge.

We will handhold communities for years to come to expand and grow.